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Beware of the Tail Light Roofing Warranty

We use a term in the industry called “the taillight warranty.” Any idea what it stands for? (Hint: It’s not positive.)

The taillight warranty means that your support and warranty ends when your roofing contractor’s truck pulls out of your lot at the end of the job. Sometimes it elicits chuckles, but we've witnessed so many homeowners in a serious bind due to a safety issue or improperly installed roofs that must be replaced.


The only way to avoid the taillight warranty is to do your homework before selecting your roofing contractor.

Yes, we know that it’s hard to find the time to research the bids. But if you don’t do your homework,, you could run into trouble that’s not in your budget. Repair costs could easily exceed the savings by going with the lowest bid. Or, even worse, trouble down the road with structural damage, mold and health issues.

Sadly, we have witnessed this happen to unsuspecting homeowners each year. The D. Ross Roofing Experts have created this checklist to review before selecting your roofing contractor:

Do they have a valid contractor’s license in your province?

You’d be amazed how many contractors are operating without a license. D. Ross Renovations & Roofing's business license number is provided for you on our contractual agreement.

Do they have a quality track record? How is it quantified?

Ask for names and contact information from their last 5 jobs, and also ask for job references completed 5 years ago. It’s not uncommon for a spotty contractor to have a recent job reference that’s decent. It’s the number of quality references over an extended period of time that paints the true picture. We provide a list of customer references for you to speak with!

Do they use their own installation personnel or do they staff their jobs predominately with subcontractors?

There are a few things you need to be aware of if you hire a contractor who uses subcontractors.

Should the contractor fail to pay the subcontractor, the subcontractor can put a lien on your home.

The subcontractor may not warranty their work, they may not have liability insurance or WSIB. Should an accident happen on your property, who will be liable?

D. Ross Renovations & Roofing does not use subcontractors.

What type of service and support will they provide after the job is complete?

Every D. Ross roofing project is covered by a 15 or 20-Year Workmanship Warranty. We have the best warranty in Ottawa! And we will be here to serve you for many years!

What is their safety record? Will they provide you with proof of WSIB insurance?

Your and our safety is paramount. All D. Ross Roofing Technicians are fully certified to work at heights. In fact, our Roofing Technicians hold the highest training certification as CertainTeed & GAF Master Installers. WSIB clearance certificates are available on request.

What are the specific guarantees they provide? Will they put them in writing?

For example, do they stand behind both the products and their services? And do they install the materials to manufacture installation standards?

Some roofing contractors will purchase low-grade, inexpensive materials and use the cheapest (instead of the most effective) installation methods to keep their upfront cost low. When things go wrong, they often take no accountability for their poor quality work and point to the material supplier.

You also need to know that if your new roof is not installed according to manufacturer directions, you will not have a warranty. Sadly, few Ottawa roofing contractors install shingles according to warranty standards. (Not even the large well-known companies, unfortunately.)

Do they offer a written contractual agreement?

A legally binding contractual agreement is your best friend. The D. Ross Pros provide you with a comprehensive contractual agreement to legally protect you. This contract assures you that we will do what we say and do it when we say we will. It provides our business license, our liability insurance provider contact details, and much more! You are fully protected to the fullest extent of the law should an accident happen on your or your neighbour's property.

And finally, how long have they been in business? More importantly, how long have they been in the roofing contractor business? These questions will help you to determine whether they are experts in the roofing field and if they will be in business when you need them in the future.

D. Ross Renovations & Roofing has been serving the Kanata community for over 24-Years. We are known for our exceptional craftmanship and customer service. Reach out and see why our customers rave about us!


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