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My New Roof Is Leaking: What To Do Now?

We know that your new roof cost you a pretty penny. So when a newly-installed roof begins to leak, you’re likely to feel anything ranging from dismay and denial to outright anger. But… is it actually leaking? And, if so, why? We have answers and more below:

LOOKING FOR LEAKS? Not sure how to tell if your roof is leaking? You’re not alone.

To determine whether or not your new roof is actually performing as it was designed to, there are a few tell-tale signs you can keep an eye out for. Specifically, Owens Corning recommends taking note if you see one or more of the following:

  • Water spots on your ceiling, walls, or in the attic

  • Missing/slipped shingles

  • Cracked/damaged shingles

  • Missing/damaged flashing

  • And more

That being said, if you believe your roof may have a leak but are not sure, you can always schedule a FREE roof inspection with a locally-trusted contractor to get more definitive answers. We happen to think that D. Ross Renovations & Roofing is your best company option!

CLOSING IN ON THE CULPRIT If your new roof is leaking, it’s natural to wonder why. After all, it was just installed — it should not be damaged yet, right?

Well, that might actually depend on how it was installed.

For example, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, roofs that feature valleys “are especially vulnerable to leakage” when the material is improperly installed.

But it’s not just valleys. If the roofing contractors you hired did not perform according to the highest industry standards and expectations, they may have left weak spots in…

  • Your flashing

  • Your roof underlayment

  • The connecting points of shingles

  • Improperly installed shingles

  • And more

NEW DAMAGE CALLS FOR EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Every week the D. Ross Pros are called to repair and re-install poorly installed new roofs. Most of these homeowners are left with no manufacturer warranty because the roofing system was not installed according to manufacturer instructions, so it is vital to act quickly.

We offer our compassion to all who are experiencing this hardship. No matter the cause of your roof’s leak, if you’re searching for a locally-trusted roofing contractor to help you inspect your new installation, look no further than D. Ross Renovations & Roofing!

Our team has proudly served Nepean, Kanata, Carp, and Dunrobin area homeowners for over 24 years. Between our industry-leading craftsmanship and white-glove customer service, we guarantee you’ll see the difference when you work with us!

Ready to learn more? Simply contact D. Ross Renovations & Roofing today by dialing 613-276-1022!

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