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What Is Soffit & Fascia?

Since they work together to protect your home, it is easy to get the two materials confused. The fascia is the vertical board that runs along the eave of your home. The rain gutters attach to the fascia. Soffit is the horizontal board that runs from the bottom edge of the fascia and butts up against the building.

What Is the Purpose of Fascia?

Fascia serves the home by helping to keep moisture out and away from the roof when installed properly. It also supports the roof, shingles and eavestrough, which help direct water away from the home.

What is the Function of Soffit?

Like many parts of a home’s exterior, soffit serves both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Functionally, the basic mission of soffit is to protect rafters from the elements. Keeping moisture away from the rafters reduces the chance of mold, and helps preserve the life of the materials.

Aesthetically, soffit is an easy way to add character. Soffit is available in many colors and designs because it can help make the façade of the home more interesting whether you’re standing on the street or relaxing on the porch.

Depending on the design of your roof system, soffit may serve another important functional role: it’s the key to achieving natural ventilation in the attic. Soffit allows air into the attic space for natural ventilation. To achieve the best ventilation, intake at the eaves must be balanced with the exhaust through roof vents at the peak. Generally, modern ventilation systems are able to exhaust an impressive amount of air, and it’s important to find soffit that can match the flow.

In modern home construction, attic ventilation is used to improve indoor air quality, increase energy efficiency through natural cooling, and prolong the life of building materials through moisture management.

When installed properly, the soffit works with your roof venting to permit air flow into your attic, allowing for a more energy-efficient house.

Offering a variety of sizes and designs, D. Ross Renovations & Roofing can help you decide which soffit and fascia will look best on your building.

We will also evaluate your soffit and make sure that you are getting adequate attic ventilation.

Call us today to schedule your free soffit and fascia inspection.

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