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The importance of properly installed and maintained gutters can’t be stressed enough. Every house should have eavestrough. Here’s a number of reasons why:

  • Soil around the house is stabilized

  • Foundation problems can be avoided

  • Flooding under houses and in basements can be prevented

  • Erosion can be prevented and this preserves landscaping and turf

  • Water damage to siding can be prevented

  • Water staining on brick and stone masonry can be prevented

  • Settling and cracking of sidewalks, patios and driveways can be lessened

  • Exterior doors and garage overhead doors can be preserved

D. Ross Renovations & Roofing are your Eavestrough Specialists with over 24 Years of expert service! 

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gutter repairs start at $250

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The majority of deaths and serious fall injuries in Canada are from ladder accidents. Let the Eavestrough Pros at D. Ross Renovations keep you safe with the installation of Gutter Guard. Quickly submit an Estimate Form and one of our D. Ross team members will contact you shortly!

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