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The Vital Role Of Eavestroughs In Protecting Your Home

The Benefits of a Properly Functioning Eavestrough System for Your Home

Many residential property owners may not be aware that their eavestrough is actually a part of the home’s overall roof system. This may be due to the fact that eavestroughs are attached in undistinguished locations on the home and are not as immediately visible from the street or yard as the roof itself; that is until there is a noticeable problem such as a leak, an overflow caused by a blocked trough/downspout, or hanging/broken parts.

Before proceeding with this discussion, it may be beneficial to define what is included in an eavestrough system and its intended purpose. To that end, an eavestrough system is central to protecting a home and its contents from extensive water damage and possible loss/expensive repairs by discreetly and effectively draining water off the roof and away from the home; the eavestrough system is comprised of several key parts, specifically:

  • Eavestrough – narrow troughs/ducts to collect water from the roof

  • Downspouts – vertical drain pipes from the roof to ground level

  • Soffit – the underside of the overhanging area of the roof eaves

  • Fascia – horizontal face of the roof edge where gutters are attached

  • Leaf Guards – filters designed to keep debris from clogging eavestrough

A properly functioning eavestrough system can offer substantial benefits for homeowners and their properties; these benefits would include:

  • Extending the lifespan of the roofing material

  • Protecting the structural integrity of the home

  • Ensuring proper ventilation of the roof and attic

  • Preventing a build-up of moisture under the roof

  • Help to prevent intrusion by insects/small animals

  • Adding to the property value and saving on repairs

On the contrary, when water from a roof is not being drained and directed away from a home in an efficient way, it can lead to such detrimental and/or costly consequences as:

  • Damage to the roof structure

  • Rotting of the soffit and fascia

  • Heaving of the driveway/walkways

  • Staining on interior walls and ceilings

  • Mold and mildew formation in the attic

  • Foundation damage/basement flooding

  • Mosquitos breeding in the stagnant water

  • Flooding or damage to the yard/landscaping

To safeguard against the chances of such situations, it will be important for homeowners to keep their eavestrough system in optimal working condition. This includes a thorough cleaning on a regular basis and prompt attention to any impending or needed repairs; an action that also warrants consideration would be the installation of gutter guards to restrict debris collection in the eavestroughs and prevent clogging/obstructed water flow.

All such eavestrough system maintenance and repairs are available through the roofing specialists from Integrity Roofers, a reputable roofing company that has been addressing the various needs of residents in Nepean, Kanata and the surrounding areas such as Carp, Dunrobin, and more for over 24 years.

Choose D. Ross Renovations & Roofing to Repair and Protect Your Eavestrough System

Despite the best maintenance efforts, there will be occasions when eavestrough repairs are required. Storm damage, weather extremes, and the unavoidable aging of various parts are common reasons why homeowners need to call upon the expertise of a roofing contractor like D. Ross Renovations & Roofing.

The skilled crews from Integrity Roofers can perform a wide range of eavestrough repair services to rectify immediate issues and prevent further damage and unnecessary costs. These services can include but are not limited to:

  • Replacement or upgrading of existing gutters

  • Replacement or upgrading of the soffit and fascia

  • Repairing pinhole leaks and resealing separated seams

  • Readjusting the gutter angles (slope) for better drainage

  • Reinforcing eavestroughs that have sagged or become loose

For all your eavestrough system maintenance and repair needs, including installation of leaf guard to safeguard your home and property, call the specialists from D. Ross Renovations & Roofing today at 613.276.1022 or contact us to book your no-obligation consultation.


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